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  • Hilariously we appear to be the local sake experts now. We're taking people to the bar all the time and giving advice. I'm really hoping the bartender starts paying a finders fee though, this ain't cheap. Loaning me Japanese movies doesn't count.
  • The strangest things remind me of Ed and cause me to get all weepy. Today's culprit: the end of the Fellowship of the Ring (which we were rewatching with book group, cause why not?) where Boromir dies and Aragorn kisses his forehead.
  • On a somewhat related note, I've been wondering if my increased anxiety and heartburn is somehow related to Ed's passing. I was terribly depressed and drank quite a bit, maybe I fucked up my mind and stomach. Eh, it's more likely just the case with the heartburn that I'm just falling apart as I get older and I've always had bouts of anxiety over various things.
  • When we were at Kinokuniya yesterday I just broke down and bought Redline (you might remember me rambling about it two weeks ago). Like FLCL it falls into this category of thing that I must buy because it is stuck in my head. Also, I'm curious if I can correctly peg who will and won't like it.
  • Despite the fact I have several unplayed video games, now that I sent a bundle off to Laceblade all I want to do is play those ones again. Like I have any spare time right now.
  • Work continues to be super busy, but my anxiety about it isn't as bad any more. Though I am more likely to veg out when I get home, which has put me behind on budgeting, cleaning, and Japanese homework.
  • Wrdnrd and I watched all of Honey & Clover over the past two weeks. That left me a bit melancholy for my dorm life. Definitely should have watched it earlier in the day so we could have had an upbeat movie chaser.
  • Found out one of our book group hosts has a nicely stocked liquor cabinet. I expect I may be a bit more loquacious next time we're over.
  • Current identified heartburn triggers: drinking too much of too many things, the delicious saag paneer from the place around the corner, about 2/3rds of the pizzas I've had (usually meaty ones), thinking "oh hey, my heartburn isn't bugging me right now".
  • Oddly enough, the longer I have this heartburn the more normal the symptoms become. The type and location of the pain now seems much more like what most people describe. 
  • On my doctor's advice I'm working out a bit again, even if it's just a little bit at night. I have managed to go almost a week without hurting myself, a new record I think.
  • I flicked my fingers a couple nights ago to get some sake off and slammed them into the cup I was holding in the other hand hard enough to break the skin and draw a fair bit of blood. I'm an idiot.

Date: 2012-02-21 11:34 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wrdnrd
Ed's not very Boromir-like, tho'. The Ring woulda been too much trouble for him. He's more an Ent -- a Kibble Ent. "Listen, i just want peace and to be left alone, OH MY GOD YOU TOUCHED MY KIBBLE I KILL YOU NOW."


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