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Some rough thoughts on the realities of governance in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Princess Peach is just a figurehead. Mushroom Kingdom royalty hasn’t wielded real power in generations, executive decisions are carried out by a council of advisors lead by the chamberlain. This has been the norm all of Peach’s life, her bubbly airhead personality is an affectation for the public. As long as she doesn’t act out she is provided with an opulent lifestyle: castle, servants, travel to exotic locations, sexy racecars, etc.

Most citizens have some awareness of the current situation. In order to keep either a democratic revolution or a restoration of the monarchy from occurring a constant threat from outside is required. Normally this is Bowser, who’s nation is strong enough to occasionally invade and kidnap the (intentionally poorly guarded) Peach, but can still be defeated by a plumber with a decent vertical leap. Bowser is sadly unaware that he exists only at the Mushroom Kingdom’s whim and that should he ever not present a galvanizing threat (or conversely, ever attempt to offer a real one) the kingdom would suddenly find itself capable of marshalling a surprisingly proficient military and erasing him from the map.

Mario is the perfect hero. Working class. Rescues the princess he loves. Is mostly mute. I don’t think he’s in on the scheme exactly, but he and his brother have to make their way in the strange land they’ve ended up stuck in. They’re good at their jobs and as long as they keep stomping goombas and rescuing Peach they live in relative comfort and are treated like celebrities.

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I feel like this is all basically accurate. Yes, yes, good.


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