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Last night I tweeted "As much as I enjoy shooting dudes, are there any good action games that don't involve massive homicide?"

I got a bunch of responses, but not much that was helpful. I think the 140 limit was keeping me from going into too much detail. So here is too much detail.

What got me thinking about this was that I was having a lot of fun with Saint's Row 3 (really!), but was getting a little tired of the collateral damage (and the sexism, but at least I knew about that going in). I want something where I can run around and do cool stuff, but not necessarily have to shoot 100 dudes to accomplish anything.

Games I have thought of that qualify, or have bits that I’d like in a non-murderfest: things like Jet Set Radio/JSRF, Portal, Prince of Persia (without the pointless combat), Ninja Gaiden (sans combat, just for the running and jumping off walls and finding hidden areas bits), Beyond Good and Evil (but faster paced). I’m (probably) not looking for 2-D platformers or FPS.

Games that were recommended that I already have:
Beyond Good and Evil (good, but a little slow)
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (also good, but also kinda slow. And while fighting sand monsters is infrequent and not egregious violence, it's also really really irritating)
Psychonauts (glad to have played it, it had some interesting ideas. BUT, at the end of the day it's just a platformer with really uneven difficulty)

Things I should check out:
Mirror's Edge (I was pretty interested in this when it came out, but the reviews were iffy and IIRC they still give you a gun to kill dudes with eventually).

Any other recommendations? I have a PC that appears able to run anything not super intensive, but my consoles are a bit old (Wii, PS2, GC). On the other hand, I'm wlling to track down older things, assuming they aren't super expensive. I have my NES and SNES if need be (Super Metroid has been calling me).

Also, if anyone wants to finance the Mission Impossible/Cagliostro era Lupin style game I came up with on the bus, let’s talk.

ETA platform requirements

Date: 2013-03-20 03:21 am (UTC)
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the Mission Impossible/Cagliostro era Lupin style game


Date: 2013-03-20 03:37 am (UTC)
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Nick, looking at his Steam library, offers these thoughts:

- Mark of the Ninja - he says there is the option of killing, but you can also just use stealth (tho this is challenging, there may be some you -have- to kill, but for the most part it's stealth)
- StealthBastard Deluxe - He hasn't played it yet, but owns it & has heard good things
- Dustforce - this is a 2d platformer, but kind of different & interesting & has cute animals & not killing stuff
- VVVVVV - 2d platformer but no combat, puzzley instead, he says this is very good

- Costume Quest - A DoubleFine game, a bit goofy, RPGish, quite good (also funny)

I stand by my rec of Stacking, also a DoubleFine game, puzzle-adventure stuff.

I recced FEZ over on Twitter, which isn't out on Steam until May.

He also points out that Arkham City does have lots of combat, but you don't kill anyone "because you're fucking BATMAN", and he has been praising this game's combat system to the high heavens. So that doesn't quite meet your requirements but may be worth considering? It's also on Steam.

He notes that this is a difficult request to fill!
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I'm more of a roguelike or 4x kinda guy, myself, but there's a good few platformers out there (mostly 2D) that I can think of if that'll scratch your itch. I'm not sure I get the difference between action and platformer, though, except maybe 3D vs. 2D.

n - wall jumping galore.
• Maybe William and Sly?
Super Meat Boy


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